No matter what you have or where it needs to go, if it fits on one of our flatbeds, we’ll secure the load and get it there quickly and safely. We currently operate in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming.

✔ Pipe

✔ Heavy machinery and equipment

✔ Lumber

✔ Steel (beams, coils, plate, etc.)

✔ Baled paper products

✔ Wood fiber

✔ Veneer / plywood

✔ Roofing products

✔ Agricultural / hay

✔ Concrete Products (blocks, barriers, etc.)

We understand that getting it on the trailer is one thing, getting it across mountain passes, down tight city streets, through sharp turns and rush hour traffic is a tremendous challenge – one that we’re up to seven days a week.

Big Rigs’ signature viper red Peterbilt trucks, operated by well trained, drivers, are always easy to spot. Our fleet includes:

53’ maxi trailers

B train (32/28 combo)

53’ Curtain van